instapp for your Advantage

    Ready for the smartphone generation

  • Reduce the technical obstacles for candidates and profit from the best data quality.
  • Increase the number of applications from various publication channels, to ensure finding the best-qualified employees.
  • instapp helps you appeal to the smartphone generation, which improves your employer branding.
  • Easily manage all channels

  • instapp can be placed directly in your job advertisements enabling candidates to apply instantly – even while on the go.
  • The integration of the instapp button on various application channels offers a comprehensive evaluation of your efficiency. This can help better manage your recruiting budget.
  • Use both your company’s time and resources more efficiently by streamlining the application process.
  • Improved data quality, direct import

  • Integrate instapp with your ATS / eRecruiting system to automatically incorporate data in your existing business processes.
  • Select the best candidates in a shorter amount of time by using filters and tests to support your decision process.
  • If your company does not use eRecruiting software, your recruiters can use the instapp web-interface that enables applications to be processed quickly.
  • Easy for everyone

  • instapp makes the application process easy for everyone, including the busiest of candidates.
  • Companies can easily include the instapp button in their job advertisements, enabling mobile candidates to apply for their dream job without any hassle.
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