Is Mobile Recruiting relevant today?

A growing number of studies prove that the search for jobs is going mobile.

  • RheinMain College found that 77 Percent of their Students used their Smartphone to find a job. 50% would like to apply online. (Source: “Die mobile Bewerbung kommt bestimmt”,, 2016.)
  • Regional Portal “” asked its visitors about their job research and found that 70% prefer to use their mobilephones. (Source: “Mobile Recruiting: mehr als ein Hype”,, 09/2013.)
  • LinkedIn published a Study which showns that 72% of Users use their Phones for actively searching for Jobs, and 62% for passively receiving job offers. Between 2013 and 2014 mobile Applic 75% zugenommen.(Source: “Global Recruiting Trends 2013”, LinkedIn 2013.)
  • USA Today reports, that 86% of Applicants would like to apply via phone , if Companies would offer this alternative. At the time only 2% of Fortune 500 Companies offered mobile applications. (Source: “Employers’ old tech hurts hiring as job hunts go mobile”, USA Today, 4. March 2013.)
  • The official Austrian web statistic “ÖWA” shows that 57% of all Visits to Austrian Media-Websites originate from mobile Devices, and the number is growing. (Source: “Österreichische Webanalyse – ÖWA Browserstatistik, Juli 2016.)

Datenquelle: USA Today, 4.3.2013



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